Memory bliss Hail Mary crush leaving tonight – Gods and heroes gatman and Robin here we go again –

One on one Us Them

Angel monster angry eyes

Your a really dirty ugly mentally ill unstable deranged gutter demoralizing scam con man and I telling you to leave my family and home alone

Call To Arms White Buffalo

the Grail pride – Foolish Games make me say it again – black the space between hate it or love it Heavens Warrior – nahanna my one and only love – changes Dance of the Spirit

my heart is broken. Do The Games Ever End

Fukien vile cons stealing from women for 20$ for fuckng erwans wife

Using my home while I wait for the long of the long with a 20$ bottle of wine

To buy a pussy you can’t even get off yourself now leave my family alone filthy ugly dirty lying sociopathic freak